If you’ve just read my other case study for Project Travel, you must be wondering why it took me three months to write an update for that project but less than two weeks to come up with a new one for Project Lifestyle Magazine.

The answer is simple: I just have a few things about this project that I’d love to share with you right now instead of waiting until a few weeks later when I may forget about them.

So, without further ado, here’s what I’ve been up to since the last update:

Project Lifestyle Magazine – The #2 Issue

Project Lifestyle Magazine #2
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Cath Up with the Previous Update

The biggest news: After a two-hour meeting with my VA and brainstorming all the possibilities and challenges we have with the site and its current situation, we decided to follow a totally different keywords approach: the Pinterest keywords, i.e., instead of focusing on Google search terms, we are now focusing on Pinterest keywords that attract more traffic to the blog from that platform.

Essentially what this means is that we are now focusing on a slightly different niche than I initially thought. However, since the goal of the blog remains the same, it won’t be too hard to find keywords and content ideas related to those topics.

This approach led to another big decision: to delete all the previous drafts, around 160 articles, to start from scratch, and focus on the new approach. This was a difficult decision but a necessary one if I wanted to get the blog rolling again and reach the goal by the end of 2023.

Content Strategy Adjustments

At the time of the decision, the site was left with just 13 articles—a fraction of the total number of articles needed to gain any significant traction. So, I had to ramp up the content strategy and publish articles at a much faster rate than before.

To achieve this, my VA will be working on collecting and analyzing all the Pinterest keywords found, then grouping them according to topics and themes. From there, I can easily write the content plan with relative ease and make sure that each article topic is covered thoroughly.

On top of this, since the new approach stresses the importance of constantly creating new pins to share on Pinterest, my VA will be designing pins for each article with the exact-matched keywords from our database so that they get more exposure on the platform.

Then, the last big update was that I installed Link Whisper on this site as well. I bought a license for three sites, and so far, I’m pretty sure I’ll extend the license to 10 sites, or even more, in the future. This plugin is a game-changer and a lifesaver when it comes to internal linking—a popular & effective on-site SEO strategy, yet not many people know how to do it right.

What’s Next

In fact, while working on this site & the travel site, I realized that it’s hard to find high-quality PLR in many niches—traveling, lifestyle (in general), minimalism, etc.

That’s why I’m thinking about starting a service that will provide high-quality PLR for many niches—all written and researched by me & my team after extensive keyword research & competitor analysis. I’m still in the early stage of planning this project, so it may or may not happen. But we’ll see!

As for Project Lifestyle Magazine, I’m eager to see what the next months will bring. With all the changes we’ve made, I’m sure that this project will bring in some interesting results to discuss in the near future. Stay tuned!

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