Sexybookmarks Plugin for WordPress installed on NicheBlogPro

I’ve just installed the SexyBookmarks plugin for WordPress so you should now be able to easily share and save our blog posts on your favorite social bookmarking and networking sites. The SexyBookmarks plugin adds a dynamic grid of social bookmarking icons at the bottom of each post. You’ve seen them on a lot of blogs […]

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Milking your videos: Create an article, ebook and podcast from your video

One of the ways to leverage your video is to generate multiple streams of content from that video asset, sort of juicing the video to its last drop, or shall we say milking the cow. I’ve found that this method of content generation also leverages the time you spent on creating the video; by creating […]

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Labrador Training Niche: Blogging about Labrador training

Labrador training is a micro niche in the dog training niche, which is probably one of the most popular and studied niches in marketing. You can make money blogging about Labrador training by creating a niche blog monetizing this blog through Adwords, Clickbank and Amazon. About Labradors Labradors are actually known in the dog world […]

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Free Report: Video Traffic System

Discover in this free report written by Bogdan Anastasiei a step-by-step system for getting a lot of traffic to your site or blog ¬†using video marketing. (Direct download link at the end of this blog post). Inside Video Traffic System: * How to choose the best tags and keywords for your video * How to […]

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How to find the most popular niches on EzineArticles

What are the most popular niches on EzineArticles? As a niche blogger, I am always interested in niche research and one of the ways of getting a pulse of the marketplace is to find out which are the most popular categories on EzineArticles.

Because EzineArticles gets a lot of Google traffic, it is a good indicator of search trends, and because niche blogging is about spotting hot niches, We want to know exactly which niches are hot on EzineArticles. If a niche is popular on EzineArticles, it is a good sign that the niche is getting a lot of searches on Google and the search engines.

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Rapid Video Blogging Free Report Download

I learned of Rapid Video Blogging from a mail blast by John Chow titled “New eBook – How To Make Money from YouTube” where he said… Did you know there’s a way to make money off of YouTube? And NO – you don’t need a channel with millions of views every month, and get to […]

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Related searches: The quickest way to know what people search on Google

Usually when I research keywords for developing a theme and category structure for my or my clients’ niche blogs, I use the free Google Adwords Keyword Tool or my copy of Market Samurai. However, there is a quicker way of finding out what people search on Google, and this can be done right from the […]

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EzineArticles adds new 42 Subcategories – New niches for bloggers

EzineArticles has announced the addition of 42 new subcategories in its article database. What does this mean to niche bloggers and niche marketers? It may not seem so obvious but to the keen niche blogger, that translates to…. 42 new niches to target and market to! To take advantage of these new subcategories, it would […]

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Make money blogging about lightbulbs: The Lightbulbs Niche

Today we examine the possibility of creating a blog dedicated to lightbulbs, and the feasibility of monetizing this niche blog. The lightbulbs niche is not a very popular one, although there is a strong online market for lightbulbs. People usually buy lightbulbs from their local stores and hardwares since they have this impression that bulbs […]

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