Outsource blog posts and article writing to Mechanical Turk

I’ve been hearing about Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and I know it’s a popular crowdsourcing option for research-related tasks, but I wanted to know if you could get a decent article or short blog post from the Mturk service.

So I posted a HIT on Mturk requesting a 300-word article based on the keyword: “beauty freebies” and “free samples”.

Here was the submitted work:

“”America is often known as the Land of the Free. While this most often resonates with Americans as the freedoms protected in the First Amendment and won from the Revolutionary War, there are many ways “Land of the Free” may be interpreted – from being free to wear what you desire to being free to practice your religion. Another possible interpretation of this iconic nickname is that America is the Land of the Free Samples. I know that I, myself, as an American, love acquiring possessions – this appreciation is magnified when those things I get are free! In America, these freebies vary from food to clothing to beauty products. Personally, beauty freebies are one of my favorite free samples, as they can are often very expensive to buy otherwise. I love spending my time at department stores, sniffing each cologne or perfume and debating which I want to buy. However, sometimes, I can’t help wishing that I could buy them all! Have you ever wanted more beauty products than you could afford? Luckily, with free samples and beauty freebies, you reach the near equivalent of having all the money in the world! Beauty freebies are just as good as the ones you pay for, just without actually paying for them! No wonder America is the Land of the Free! Thus, rather than having money, or sometimes even some of my other freedoms, I’d like one thing: beauty freebies. They help me bring out my true looks and make me feel more confident about myself, without the price tag of regular beauty care products. It certainly sounds like a win-win situation to me, and hopefully it does to you too. So let me just ask one last question to all of you. Who else wants to find beauty freebies and get free samples?””

What do you think? For me, it’s not bad for $3. I love the first person voice of the article and the grammar and vocabulary is good.

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