Yoga Niche: How to Create Your Yoga Niche Blog in Easy Steps

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If you search on Google for the term “yoga“, you will get almost 85 million search results, a staggering number which just shows how much content is out there on yoga. And this content is feeding millions of people hungry for information on yoga and its health benefits.
If you want to tap into the yoga niche market, the first step you need to do is do keyword and market research, and in this article I will list down some keyword and market data about the yoga niche. In the end, we will create a yoga niche blog that will generate traffic and leads to your yoga information products. If you don’t have a yoga niche product to sell, we can take a look at some yoga products we can promote, or turn your blog into a product in itself and make money from yoga ads on Google Adsense.
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Yoga keywords
  • yoga mat
  • yoga video
  • yoga apparel
  • yoga teacher training
  • yoga equipment
  • yoga videos
  • yoga mats
  • yoga clothing
  • nude yoga
  • yoga accessories
  • yoga clothes
  • hatha yoga
  • yoga pants
  • yoga meditation
  • yoga poses
  • yoga books
  • yoga teacher
  • bikram yoga
  • yoga supplies
  • ashtanga yoga
  • naked yoga
  • yoga certification
  • yoga dvd
  • earn yoga

  • Yoga advertisers
    Yoga advertising

    Did you know what the average cost per click for the yoga keywords is between 37 to 92 cents, and “yoga” ads generate 2.8 to 3.5 thousand clicks per day.
    Building a yoga niche blog with wordpress

    Now that we have made the keyword and market research, it’s time to build our WordPress blog. First thing you need to do is install WordPress and these are the plugins I would recommend:
    • XML Sitemap
    • All in One SEO
    • Askimet
    • Insights
    Next step is to create your blog categories based on the keywords. Depending on the theme of your blog, your categories can target general yoga niche terms or specific yoga techniques or products.
    You could target:
    • Thai Yoga Massage
    • Yoga DVDs
    • Yoga Wear
    • Akasha Yoga
    • Bare Yoga
    • Vinsaya Yoga
    • Bikra Yoga
    • Ashtanga Yoga
    • Yoga Studio
    • Aerobic Yoga
    Content Sources

    The best content for your Yoga niche blog would be original articles that you will have to write. If you do not feel confident enough to write about the topic, you can hire freelance writers on Odesk or Elance and have them write 10 articles each targeting a keyword or keyphrase.
    You can also get Yoga PLR articles and rewrite them to make them at least 70% unique.
    For images and videos, you can go to stock photo sources such as and If you find good yoga photos on Flickr, you can ask the creator for permission to use the yoga photo for your website.
    Yoga Domains
    It’s recommended that you build your yoga niche blog on its own domain. You can go to GoDaddy Auctions and search for expired yoga domain that have pagerank or backlinks. Or you can go to your domain registrar and get a new domain name that contains keywords.
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