The French Bulldogs niche: Create a website/blog

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Want to create a blog/website about French Bulldogs? Here are some information that can get you started:

First, let’s see what the Wikipedia says about the French Bulldog:

The French bulldog is a small companion breed of dog, related to the English bulldog and American bulldog. The name suggests France as the origin of the breed; however, Americans and British breeders may have played a larger role in the breed’s development. The dogs are commonly called the Frenchie and are nicknamed “clowns” and “frog dogs”.

Why would you want to create a niche blog on french bulldogs?

  • You havea French Bulldog pet and you want to share knowledge, pictures, tips, and connect with other French Bulldog owners
  • You sell dog physical  products like dog food, accessories, leashes, dog houses, toys
  • You sell information products like French Bulldog training ebooks, DVDs, and books
  • You are  breeder and you sell French Bulldogs
  • You are a French Bulldog trainer and you want to reach out to your market

Existing Blogs on French Bulldogs

When creating a new website, I would search the internet for existing blogs and websites. This gives me an idea what kind of information other websites and blogs are offering and how I can make my blog unique. Also, I would try to establish a relationship with these blogs by commenting and asking if I could guest blog.

Building a mailing list on French Bulldogs

This site offers an excellent example of building a mailing list of prospects interested on French Bulldogs. The site offers a free 6-day ecourse  in exchange for your email. Maybe you can do the same?

Sites on French Bulldogs

I would also find out existing on French Bulldogs as these can give me information on the popular topics about French Bulldogs and also tap on resources that I can use. Also I would find out if there are forums on French Bulldogs so I can connect with dog owners and see what problems they are having so I can offer solutions on my French Bulldog niche blog.

French Bulldog Directories

Top Keywords for the French Bulldogs niche

French Bulldogs PLR (ebooks, articles, WordPress themes)

Videos on French Bulldogs

French Bulldog Pictures

Dinneralice looking upget off of me!%#@Time to sleepMarch 29, 2010Muppet playing in her new ´swimmingpool´Frenchie Bone-a-Part

Need help creating a blog on French Bulldogs?

NicheBlogPro can help you create a blog on French Bulldogs. Use our contact page or call us 1-800-WEB-8474.

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