Most Popular Niches

most popular nichesWhen coming up with a niche blog, one is tempted to find out the most popular niches, since there is an assumption that the more popular a niche is, the better are the prospects for getting a share of the traffic and the sales from that niche. Which is quite true, but as I will explain later, the most popular niches are not actually the best niches to focus on. But first let’s list the most popular niches. No surprises here…

The Most Popular Niches

A few of the top niches are listed below. I’ve listed 12 — my so-called “Dirty Dozen“. While reading through them, I suggest you allow your mind to think of the possibilities for each niche. In other words, think of the “micro niches” that you can laser target for each of these most popular niches:

  • Dog Training
  • Information Marketing
  • Home Security
  • Health and Fitness
  • Real Estate Investing
  • Sports
  • Losing Weight
  • Weddings
  • Making and Investing Money
  • Dating
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Self Improvement

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Digging into the most popular niches

Within each of these niches, I want you do to something: list down 5 to 10 subcategories that you can think of. These will be your “micro niches” or niches that are really specific and thus more profitable.

For example, under dog training, I can easily come up with ten micro niches:

  • Labrador training
  • Chihuahua training
  • Pug training
  • Jack Russell Terrier training
  • Pitbull training
  • Doberman training
  • Puppy training
  • Dog training for kids
  • Labrador puppy training for teens
  • Labrador puppy training for single moms

A key point to remember is that broad niches, like dog training, are not profitable as they are.

Tip: Most popular niches on Ezine Articles

If you are looking for hot microniches, I would also suggest looking inside EzineArticles and find out which subcategories have a lot of articles published. Read:  how to find the most popular niches on EzineArticles.

How do I measure profitability, in the simplest terms?

  • Traffic
  • Repeat traffic
  • Opt ins (newsletter sign ups)
  • Conversions

Let’s say I decided to create a blog on “Labrador puppy training for single moms”. Which would you think would get repeat “rabidly loyal” (no pun intended) traffic and better conversions and more newsletter subscribers: the dog training blog or the “Labrador puppy training for single moms” blog? You’re right. It would be the latter. My content would be more specific (laser targeted) and if I promote a course on “Labrador puppy training for single moms” I would convert more buyers, than, let’s say a general dog training course that is marketed to a very broad audience.

You can even push the envelope further: “Labrador puppy training for single moms over 40”. You get my point.

You have to dig into the micro niches of these most popular niches, to really convert your visitors into loyal readers and customers.

Most popular niches have the toughest competition

While there may be millions of searches and sales in a popular niche (such as weight loss), you should expect an incredibly high level of competition. To really profit from a very popular niche, you have to dig deeper into the niche to find a segment that generates a good number of searches and yet don’t have nearly as much competition. This is true specially if you are just entering the niche market as a new blog or marketer.

Usually, the top positions in Google are dominated by websites that are run by well-funded companies or websites that have been there too long and have already high page rank and an incredible amount of backlinks. So it’s really strategic for you to find a micro niche, like the niche “Labrador puppy training for single moms” I showed as an example above. (To learn how to do keyword research, take a look at our Labrador training niche blog research).

Also, if you have a very unusual niche, your blog can even become viral just for being unique and novel.

Let’s take a look at the competition numbers (based just on a Google search results on these keywords):

  • Dog Training – 52 million results
  • Information Marketing – 151 million results (keyword: internet marketing)
  • Home Security- 841 million
  • Health and Fitness – 349 million
  • Real Estate Investing- 40 million
  • Sports – 6 billion (think twice before creating a blog targeting sports in general!)
  • Losing Weight- 150 million
  • Weddings – 311 million
  • Making and Investing Money – (keyword: make money online – 369 million; investing money – 82 million)
  • Dating – 182 million
  • Arts and Crafts – 9 million
  • Self Improvement – 38 million

Keyword Tool to find more popular niches

Tip:  Use this niche keyword tool

I hope this article helped you get a new perspective on the most popular niches and how you can really effectively dig into the subcategories or micro niches to unlock the goldmines lying beneath the surface of these highly popular niches. Remember, the pearl is at the bottom of the ocean.

Affiliate Niche
Animal Niche
Art Niche
Baby Niche
Beauty Niche
Biography Niche
Blogging Niche
Business Niche
Car Niche
Children Niche
Child Development Niche
Classic Niche
ClickBank Niche
CMS Niche
Collections Niche
Communication Niche
Consulting Niche
Cooking Niche
Cosmetic Niche
Crafts & Crochet Niche
Dating Niche
Diet Niche
Digital Photography Niche
Dramatic Niche
EBay Niche
Economic Niche
Education Niche
Employment Niche
Environment Niche
Essays Niche
Ethnic Niche
Family Niche
Fantasy Niche
Female Phases Niche
Fiction Niche
Fish & Fishing Niche
Fitness Niche
Gaming Niche
Gambling Niche
Gardening Niche
General Niche
Government Niche
Health Niche
History Niche
Holiday Niche
Home Buying Niche

Home Theater Niche
Humor Niche
Inspirational Niche
Interior Design Niche
Internet Marketing Niche
Investment Niche
Law Niche
Management Niche
Marketing Niche
Marriage Niche
Medical Niche
Military Niche
MLM Niche
Music Niche
News Niche
Niche Niche
Pet Niche
Philosophy Niche
Politics Niche
Public Speaking Niche
Real Estate Niche
Recipe Niche
Relationships Niche
Religion Niche
Retirement Niche
Romance Niche
Science Niche
Science Fiction Niche
Seasonal Niche
Self-Development Niche
Self-Employment Niche
Self-Help Niche
SEO Niche
Sleeping Niche
Smoking Niche
Social Issues Niche
Sports Niche
Stress Management Niche
Travel Niche
Trees & Landscaping Niche
Wealth/Success Niche
Web Design Niche
Writing and Creativity Niche
Yoga Niche

Do you have other ideas? Feel free to post a comment below.

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