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Usually when I research keywords for developing a theme and category structure for my or my clients’ niche blogs, I use the free Google Adwords Keyword Tool or my copy of Market Samurai.

However, there is a quicker way of finding out what people search on Google, and this can be done right from the Google search field itself. I even consider it the quickest way for keyword research.

Let me show you how.

Go to Google, and on the search input area, type “how”.

Notice that as soon as you type the “w” in “how”, Google will suggest search phrases in a dynamic dropdown below the search input field. (See screenshot below)

What does this tell us?

These search phrases that Google suggest must be the most searched phrases that start with the word “how”, and this gives us an idea of what topics to blog about or maybe to go even further, what niches we can build blogs around.

If you continue typing words after “how”, let’s say “how do I buy”, Google will suggest another set of search phrases. If you are looking for ideas on what products to promote, then you would want to know what people type in the Google search after the words “how to I buy.”

To illustrate how this  can be applied on a niche, let’s try “tuna fishing.”

Try typing  “tuna fishing”, and instead of looking at the suggestions Google makes  in the dropdown, go straight to click on the “Google Search” button. Then scroll to the bottom of the Google results page. What do you see?

A set of search phrases below the heading “Searches related to tuna fishing”

If you take a closer look at the search phrases, you will see that these are ready-made ideas for articles and complete blogs. Definitely, you can create a whole blog dedicated to “tuna fishing tackle” or “tuna fishing videos”. You may also use this to generate ideas for domain names, like or Definitely having these keywords in the domain name gives you an advantage in the search engine rankings (if you do your SEO right).

I hope you found this Google tool useful to quickly generate article and niche blog ideas based on what people search on Google.

Do you use this Google tool?

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