How to Use Market Samurai to get Theme and Category Keywords

Market Samurai is a tool I use for keyword and market research. It may be overwhelming for a new user but thanks to Dr. Anthony Fernando of Market Samurai for this tutorial video on how to generate Theme and Category Keywords for building your niche site or blog.

Two types of keywords
There are basically two major types of keywords one has to consider when deciding on your website’s structure.

  • Theme Keyword- describes the over all theme of your website
  • Category Keyword- describes different categories of data available at your website.

Good keywords are words or phrases that have good amount of traffic and acceptable level of competition. There are lots tools available, both free and commercial, that you can use to generate the of criteria are there which should be considered while choosing both types of keywords for the website. One of them is  “Market Samurai.”

How to

Lets say you are about to launch a wedding website. Use ‘Wedding’ as seed keyword in Market Samurai tool and click the create button. That will open a new page where you will see keyword research button. Clicking on that will take you to page where you will be able to see Generate keywords link. Hit it to get the list of keywords…

Now you will see thousands of niches related to your keyword. All these niches will be different categories of the market you are thinking to invest in, which is wedding in this specific example. Click any of the niches and you will be able to see another tab at the top. Again do the same and get another list of keywords. These are actually the micro-niches or sub-niches related to the niche you have just selected.

Now you have to analyze any keyword that attracts you most. After that you have to analyze keywords which is the most important part of the process of choosing best theme and category keywords and here comes the Filter option of Market Samurai tool. You have to set levels of filter according to your criterions. Set the levels such that you left with only those keywords that have good level of daily traffic and acceptable level of competition. The three types of filters that you have to deal with are:

  • SEO traffic filter
  • Phrase to broad match filter
  • SEO competition filter

SEO Traffic Filter

It is recommended to set ‘SEO traffic filter’ to 80 and ‘Phrase to broad match filter’ to 15 percent. This filter ensures that only those keywords are left which people are really searching a lot on the search engines. Remember, always pick the keywords that have less than 30,000 competing websites. So SEO competition filter level will be 30,000!! Put these figures in the filter text box while tick the SEO competition box and put 30,000 in the ‘max’ labeled box.

Clicking “analyze keywords now” will bring number of websites competing for the phrases listed in the entries. The SEOC column will now be filled up with number of websites competing for that keyword. Note that no entry in SEOC would be more than 30,000 and that is exactly what you had put in the filter.

It is great if you are getting more than one keywords which meet the criteria. Normally you should start work with three or four keywords. If you have only one or two keywords niche would be very thin and of course it will then take lots of time to investigate another niche.

Try Market Samurai now for free!

Once you get the desired niche with good quantity of keywords, you have to select just one keyword as your theme keyword as it is the main keyword that describes fully your website. The keyword on which you can get lots of data is best for you.

Once you finalize your theme keyword then you have to move to category keywords. You have to think yourself of many categories of information that your site will be offering. This brainstorming is really very simple once you have a full idea of your theme keyword. Market Samurai can’t help you any more in choosing category keywords. Here you are at your own!!!

To summarize, get a theme keyword from Market Samurai according to criteria and categorize it to many niches in order to get full website plan based on the main seed keyword you decided in very start. Such a disciplined structure of any website dramatically increases the ranking of that website at search engines. So if you want a good online business you have to be very careful in choosing good keywords and this article will help you most in this purpose.

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