How to find the most popular niches on EzineArticles

What are the most popular niches on EzineArticles? As a niche blogger, I am always interested in niche research and one of the ways of getting a pulse of the marketplace is to find out which are the “most popular categories” on EzineArticles.

Because EzineArticles gets a lot of Google traffic, it is a good indicator of  search trends, and because niche blogging is about spotting hot niches, We want to know exactly which niches are hot on EzineArticles. If a niche is popular on EzineArticles, it is a good sign that the niche is getting a lot of searches on Google and the search engines.

So how to we exactly go about looking for the most popular niches or categories on EzineArticles?

At first glance, it will not seem obvious. If you view the EzineArticles homepage, you will see a table of categories with drop down arrows. When clicked, they reveal the subcategories. If I wanted to know which categories are most popular, I would look for the categories with the most number of articles published.

Unfortunately, this process can be very tedious if you have to go through the 30 main categories in EzineArticles. But since we are looking for niches, we would have to drill down through the main categories.

Let’s take the Women’s Interests category as an example. Click on the Women’s Interests, and you will see a list of subcategories expand below it.

ezinearticles categories

Ezine Article Category and Subcategories

This is important: Click on the smaller “Women’s Interest” link (above Beauty products) on the list that appears below the main Women’s Interest category. ┬áThe link will bring you to a page at the URL which lists the most recent articles published under the Women’s Interests category (the authors did not chose a subcategory for those articles). But focus your attention on the subcategories that appear above the email optin form.

Notice that the subcategories have numbers with parenthesis? Those numbers represent that number of articles within those subcategories. The higher the number, the stronger the indication that it’s a popular niche because a lot of articles are being written on the niche and a lot of authors are targetting it.

Those are the niches! In more specific terms, we call them micro-niches.

In the screenshot below, I highlighted the number of articles with yellow.

ezine articles most popular niches

We found out that Cosmetic Surgery, Plus Size and Menopause HRT are popular niches in the Women’s Interests category. But Cosmetic Surgery trumps them all with more than 6,000 articles. It’s no surprise, since there is big money in cosmetic surgery and you can only imagine the cut throat competition in that niche.

In the continuation of this two-part article, I will show you another method of finding the most popular niches on EzineArticles, and this one is not so obvious to the unobservant eye.

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