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Most Popular Niches

When coming up with a niche blog, one is tempted to find out the most popular niches, since there is an assumption that the more popular a niche is, the better are the prospects for getting a share of the traffic and the sales from that niche. Which is quite true, but as I will […]

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Labrador Training Niche: Blogging about Labrador training

Labrador training is a micro niche in the dog training niche, which is probably one of the most popular and studied niches in marketing. You can make money blogging about Labrador training by creating a niche blog monetizing this blog through Adwords, Clickbank and Amazon. About Labradors Labradors are actually known in the dog world […]

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Make money blogging about lightbulbs: The Lightbulbs Niche

Today we examine the possibility of creating a blog dedicated to lightbulbs, and the feasibility of monetizing this niche blog. The lightbulbs niche is not a very popular one, although there is a strong online market for lightbulbs. People usually buy lightbulbs from their local stores and hardwares since they have this impression that bulbs […]

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