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The French Bulldogs niche: Create a website/blog

Want to create a blog/website about French Bulldogs? Here are some information that can get you started: First, let’s see what the Wikipedia says about the French Bulldog: The French bulldog is a small companion breed of dog, related to the English bulldog and American bulldog. The name suggests France as the origin of the breed; however, Americans […]

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Free report released: Niche Blog Treasures Exposed

I’ve released a new free report titled: Niche Blog Treasures Exposed The report is in PDF format and 10 pages long. No fluff, straight to the point. This is not a blogging tutorial, but breezes through key concepts and get to the meat of the matter by the third chapter. Print the list of 101 […]

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Sexybookmarks Plugin for WordPress installed on NicheBlogPro

I’ve just installed the SexyBookmarks plugin for WordPress so you should now be able to easily share and save our blog posts on your favorite social bookmarking and networking sites. The SexyBookmarks plugin adds a dynamic grid of social bookmarking icons at the bottom of each post. You’ve seen them on a lot of blogs […]

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