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How Market Samurai’s Keyword Analysis Tools Work

Market Samurai is regarded as among the best and most commonly used used keyword research tool on the Internet today. Created by the folks in the Noble Samurai, the program has already made waves in the Internet marketing community since the time it was introduced. It comes down as no surprise mainly because it has […]

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Twitter Wonder Tactics

Social media platforms, like Twitter, have changed the way people communicate and interact. This micro-blogging platform that has had a never-before-seen growth, at an over 1,000 percent increase in its user base year-on-year, is the equivalent of a virtual social club where people can meet, get to know each other, socialize, make new friends and […]

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Blogging Tools to Manage your Niche Blogs

Running blogs in different niches can be very tedious specially if you are managing the blogs by yourself or you have a very small team. Aside from producing content, a big part of blog management requires maintenance of the blogging software, plugins and themes, making sure these are updated to the latest, secure version. Blogging […]

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Bookmarking: Plugazon WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliate marketing

I am creating a new categories in this blog called “Bookmarks” and “Wishlist” to store links and information on products, services and websites that I come across and would like to save for later. This is my first post in this category. The Plugazon plugin. From the site: “get thousands of products from Amazon so […]

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Gaming Console Niche Ideas from Ezine Articles

Image by drdemento via Flickr If you’re looking for ideas for topics on your gaming blog or you are deciding on a niche for a gaming blog, these list of Most Viewed Articles in the Gaming Console category of Ezine Articles could give you some ideas: Madden 11 Tips Modern Warfare 2 – How to […]

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Looking for niches? My Top Sources of Niche Ideas in this quick video

Are you looking for niches?  In this quick video, I give you a short list of sources where I look for niches for my blogs and websites. These are the places where you could find a lot of niche ideas if you are just “looking for niches”. Quick Shortcut in Looking for Niches Since you […]

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Video blogging: How to see yourself when recording with the Flip camera

Based on a report by Gideon Shalwick of RapidVideoBlogging, I bought the Flip UltraHD from Amazon and it arrived last Friday. I used it to shoot a few clips of the kids, the house and even my pet dog Lucy and I was impressed with the ease of use and the HD quality. But when it […]

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Ultimate List of Dog Breeds to Target in Your Dog Training Niche Blog

Looking for a list of dog breeds that you can target as micro niches in the dog training niche blog? Previously I had identified two dog training niches: Labrador Retriever training and French Bulldog. Listed below is the ultimate list of dog breeds that you can create individual blogs on, granting that you have interest […]

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Home security niche: Secure your blog spot in this hot niche

Home security has always been on the list of the most popular niches and there’s no surprise why this is so. People are getting more concerned about the safety of their families and property with the rising criminality. The home security niche answers a basic need and want of man for safety and peace of […]

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Halloween niche blog headers, graphics, and WordPress theme

If you’ve been planning to create your own Halloween niche blog, this might be the right time to create your Halloween blog and Halloween costume guide. The Halloween niche picks up around September as costume stores, events and activities organizers and merchandise retailers start positioning their marketing efforts towards November. But didn’t you wish that […]

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