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WordPress Pages Not Posts? Mike Liebner’s Strategy

If you are using WordPress for your niche blogs, I would guessthat just like the most of us, you are using WordPress “posts”¬†for your main content. There is nothing wrong with that. A majorityof bloggers use posts all the time, and they use pages for thingslike the about page, privacy policy, disclaimer and other “static”content […]

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Video Promotion Tips For A Successful Video Promotion Campaign

Video marketing is swiftly becoming one of the finest paths to advertise your services and goods online . You make a great five-minute video, but that fast video can be used for several years to help you earn amazing profits. That may be a kind of passive income that anybody would be happy to receive. […]

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Guy will make a video for your niche site for $5

Need a 30-second video or video blog done for your niche website for $5? Check out this video talent on Fiverr. He says the video he will create “will be poorly filmed, as if by an amateur. I will send it to you to upload anywhere. You can script me or let me come up […]

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Blogging Tools to Manage your Niche Blogs

Running blogs in different niches can be very tedious specially if you are managing the blogs by yourself or you have a very small team. Aside from producing content, a big part of blog management requires maintenance of the blogging software, plugins and themes, making sure these are updated to the latest, secure version. Blogging […]

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Specifics Concerning Blog Advertising And Home Businesses

Blog promotion is a thing that all weblog owners do. These people promote their weblog so that they may find visitors, and generate a profit from their weblogs. Promotion their weblog means to get it out there so that other folks that happen to be interested in it may discover it and read it. It’s […]

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Web Hosting Lexington KY Helps In Increasing Efficiency In Online Marketing

Each business is in need of a website, which is its true representative. It means that web hosting services are diversified and unique for individual businesses. You are supposed to do your homework on web hosting services, which are being provided by different companies. In this way, you would rightly choose that particular web hosting […]

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Blog Blueprint Review

Are you investing in a new product? If that is the case then you should first learn all there is to know about it before you commit to purchasing it. It is regardless of the product’s price . All that matter is that it should be a worthy investment. Your goal here is to double […]

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Gaming Console Niche Ideas from Ezine Articles

Image by drdemento via Flickr If you’re looking for ideas for topics on your gaming blog or you are deciding on a niche for a gaming blog, these list of Most Viewed Articles in the Gaming Console category of Ezine Articles could give you some ideas: Madden 11 Tips Modern Warfare 2 – How to […]

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Video blogging: How to see yourself when recording with the Flip camera

Based on a report by Gideon Shalwick of RapidVideoBlogging, I bought the Flip UltraHD from Amazon¬†and it arrived last Friday. I used it to shoot a few clips of the kids, the house and even my pet dog Lucy and I was impressed with the ease of use and the HD quality. But when it […]

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