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The World of Warcraft Niche: Making Money from WoW blogs

World of Warcraft (WoW) is the world’s No. 1 massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) published by Blizzard Entertainment, the same creators of the equally famous Starcraft game. To give you an idea of how popular this game is, as of January 22, 2008, World of Warcraft has more than 10 million subscribers worldwide […]

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How Market Samurai’s Keyword Analysis Tools Work

Market Samurai is regarded as among the best and most commonly used used keyword research tool on the Internet today. Created by the folks in the Noble Samurai, the program has already made waves in the Internet marketing community since the time it was introduced. It comes down as no surprise mainly because it has […]

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Investment Happens To Be A Good Instrument

Internet promotion requires some commitment on your part just like any business endeavor. When you choose to make these types of investments you should realize that investment is a vital tool through the entire web marketing process. If you do not make any investment judgements associated with marketing your business you will come to a […]

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Is Your Site Reliable?

Should you have an internet site this really is certainly fantastic and an absolutely fantastic start to your business results. Virtually any business will need an internet site connected to it in recent times because there is a substantial amount of profit to be generated with internet marketing. In the event that you have an […]

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Looking for niches? My Top Sources of Niche Ideas in this quick video

Are you looking for niches? ┬áIn this quick video, I give you a short list of sources where I look for niches for my blogs and websites. These are the places where you could find a lot of niche ideas if you are just “looking for niches”. Quick Shortcut in Looking for Niches Since you […]

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Most Popular Niches

When coming up with a niche blog, one is tempted to find out the most popular niches, since there is an assumption that the more popular a niche is, the better are the prospects for getting a share of the traffic and the sales from that niche. Which is quite true, but as I will […]

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Free report released: Niche Blog Treasures Exposed

I’ve released a new free report titled: Niche Blog Treasures Exposed The report is in PDF format and 10 pages long. No fluff, straight to the point. This is not a blogging tutorial, but breezes through key concepts and get to the meat of the matter by the third chapter. Print the list of 101 […]

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Labrador Training Niche: Blogging about Labrador training

Labrador training is a micro niche in the dog training niche, which is probably one of the most popular and studied niches in marketing. You can make money blogging about Labrador training by creating a niche blog monetizing this blog through Adwords, Clickbank and Amazon. About Labradors Labradors are actually known in the dog world […]

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Related searches: The quickest way to know what people search on Google

Usually when I research keywords for developing a theme and category structure for my or my clients’ niche blogs, I use the free Google Adwords Keyword Tool or my copy of Market Samurai. However, there is a quicker way of finding out what people search on Google, and this can be done right from the […]

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