WordPress Pages Not Posts? Mike Liebner’s Strategy


If you are using WordPress for your niche blogs, I would guessthat just like the most of us, you are using WordPress “posts” for your main content.

There is nothing wrong with that. A majorityof bloggers use posts all the time, and they use pages for thingslike the about page, privacy policy, disclaimer and other “static”content on other WordPress blogs.

But I’ve been using a different strategy lately and that is usingWordpress pages for my main content, including my home page, andusing blog posts to support those pages and keep the siteupdated on a regular basis.

I got this technique from Mike Liebner of Blogging Underground and it has worked for me on  number of authority blogs I have started. One blog was ranking high for its main keyword and long-tail keywords in Google, only days after I launched it, and I used pages as its main content to target specific keywords. Then I blogged about those pages using posts.

I then go to my Blogging Underground account and posts shortblurbs linking to my pages, using my keywords as anchor text, onother WordPress sites in the network.

The BU posting utility allows you to post short blog posts to link to your main site, and gives you choices on where to publish these posts. There are blogs on the BU network that are targeted for specific niches so that helps a lot in terms of contextual links.

In a gist, the strategy is:

1) Create a relevant page for your target keyword

2) Get links pointing to your page from relevant websites

Simple as it may sound, there is really a special technique…to give what Google wants.

If you would like to learn more about Mike’s techniques, check out the video at Blogging Underground

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