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Video Traffic SystemDiscover in this free report written by Bogdan Anastasiei a step-by-step system for getting a lot of traffic to your site or blog  using video marketing.

(Direct download link at the end of this blog post).

Inside Video Traffic System:
* How to choose the best tags and keywords for your video
* How to social bookmark your video
* How to use video response marketing

My review of this free report

One of the chapters that caught my attention in this free report touches on “Starting a Niche Group on YouTube“, which explains how to create a niche group that will target a specific section of the Youtube audience. Because YouTube is very large community of users, it’s highly recommended that you create groups targeting niches. But even with creating a niche group, there are some details that you don’t want to overlook. This report tells you how to optimize your group.

This is the reason I am recommending this free report, since it would benefit niche bloggers and those interested in using videos for niche blogging.

The report puts emphasis on optimizing videos for Google search, because Google search results have started showing videos from YouTube since Google acquired the popular video site years ago. So some keyword research is involved in the Video Traffic System, such as finding out which keywords have a good search volume on Google. These are the keywords you want to target with your videos.

There are also a number of techniques on this report that you can use to drive traffic to your YouTube videos, which in turn will generate traffic to your site or squeeze page. It also touched on a free tool you can use to mass distribute your videos.

This report does not reveal anything that you already do not know, if you consider yourself an advanced blogger or YouTube video blogger and if you use social bookmarking. But nevertheless, it could be a perfect simple guide for anybody who’s a beginner in video marketing, and video blogging.

Click here to download this free report (Direct download from NicheBlogPro, .zip format)

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