Milking your videos: Create an article, ebook and podcast from your video

One of the ways to leverage your video is to generate multiple streams of content from that video asset, sort of juicing the video to its last drop, or shall we say milking the cow.

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I’ve found that this method of content generation also leverages the time you spent on creating the video; by creating offsprings of content such as text and an audio mp3 from the video, you are spreading your coverage across a wider span of media and thereby reaching a greater audience.

Since a big chunk of content generation is spent on research and idea banking, you already have saved a lot of time because you are merely converting the already-researched and idea rich video into different formats.

One of the ways to generate text content from video is have it transcribed by you or have it outsourced. Some marketers and bloggers have their webinars transcribed and the trascriptions can then be split into multiple articles and blog posts. Darren Rowse of Problogger gives 3 good reasons why he has his videos transcribed.

Aside from the reasons cited by Darren, other reasons for having your video blog posts transcribed are:

  • Once you have the text transcriptions, you can compile them into a report or ebook which you can give away for free to build your list or sell as a product. Again, leveraging your assets.
  • But since your audio has a video you can extract into an mp3 file, why not create a podcast as well? Submit it to podcast directories and you generate more traffic.
  • But we’re not done yet. You can use screenshot capture software to take snapshots of video, and use these images for your blog posts, articles, ebook, and reports.

In summary, here’s what you can create from your video:

  • articles and blog posts (text)
  • image screenshots
  • mp3 files
  • ebooks
  • reports
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