Labrador Training Niche: Blogging about Labrador training

Labrador training is a micro niche in the dog training niche, which is probably one of the most popular and studied niches in marketing.

You can make money blogging about Labrador training by creating a niche blog monetizing this blog through Adwords, Clickbank and Amazon.

About Labradors

Labradors are actually known in the dog world as “Labrador Retrievers”. If you are writing a blog post or creating a blog about Labradors, it’s essential that you know the two kinds of Labrador Retrievers — the American (US) Labrador and the English (UK) Labrador.  You also need to know the difference between a Labrador and a Retriever (a Labrador is a retriever dog, but not all retrievers are Labradors)

Where to find information

These are the online resources where you can find information about Labradors:

Books on Labrador Retrievers:

Articles, Lenses and Hubpages


Where to find people interested in Labrador Training

Keyword Research: “Labrador Training”

  • Searches: 1,627 daily searches
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  • Adwords Traffic: 14 – (number of clicks a #1 ranked site could get)
  • Adwords Cost per Click: $1.15
  • Adwords Click Through Rate: 0.86%

Keyword List

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To view a full keyword list in spreadsheet format, see  our Google Docs Labrador Training keywords spreadsheet:

Monetizing this niche

SEO Competition

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The information above could get you started in creating a niche blog on Labrador Training. For a more detailed strategy on conquering and dominating this niche, please stay tuned for the release of our NicheBlogPro Kit for Labrador Training.

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