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If you’re looking for ideas for topics on your gaming blog or you are deciding on a niche for a gaming blog, these list of Most Viewed Articles in the Gaming Console category of Ezine Articles could give you some ideas:

  1. Madden 11 Tips
  2. Modern Warfare 2 – How to Quick Scope – The Ultimate Beginners Guide
  3. Xbox Games With Avatar Awards List
  4. Modern Warfare 2 – The Ghost of Balaclava & the Masked Man
  5. Bad Effects of Video Games
  6. Madden 11 Cheats – Redefining the Experience of Football
  7. Xbox 360 is Better Than the PS3
  8. Game Copy Wizard Review – Game Copy Wizard Lives Up to Its Expectations
  9. PS3 Games That Support Keyboard and Mouse
  10. How Much Are Your Used Video Games Worth?

Looking from the list, we can tell what topics are popular in the gaming console niche:

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