EzineArticles adds new 42 Subcategories – New niches for bloggers

EzineArticles has announced the addition of 42 new subcategories in its article database. What does this mean to niche bloggers and niche marketers? It may not seem so obvious but to the keen niche blogger, that translates to….

42 new niches to target and market to!

To take advantage of these new subcategories, it would be wise to start building blogs and sites targeting these additional  niches and start writing articles for submission to EzineArticles.

The 42 new subcategories (niches)  are:


  • Arts-and-Entertainment: Music-Industry – Articles about/concerning Music Industry, Record Labels, Producers, Studios, Engineers, Publishers, Genres, Music Stores, Music Venues and Promoters, Famous Musicians and History.
  • Arts-and-Entertainment: Music-Instruction – Articles about/concerning Music Instruction, Online Music Instruction, How to Become a Music Teacher, Music Lessons, Music Teachers, and Influential Music Educators.
  • Arts-and-Entertainment: Short-Fiction – Articles about/concerning Short Fiction, Flash Fiction, Short Stories, Writing Formats and Length, Sketch Stories, Journals, Storytelling, Themes and Settings, Popular Authors, and History.


  • Automotive: Classic-Cars – Articles about/concerning Classic Cars, Antique Class, Modern Classics, Automobile Restoration, Custom Cars, Vintage Cars, Muscle Cars, Values, Parts and History of the Automobile.
  • Automotive: Hybrid-Energy-Efficient – Articles about/concerning Hybrid Vehicles, Electric Cars, Tribrid Vehicles, Benefits and Prices, Engine Types, Environmental Impact, PEV, Hybrid Vehicle Emissions and Efficiency Energy Use.
  • Automotive: SUVs – Articles about/concerning SUVs, Four-Wheel Drive, Off-Road Vehicles, Light Trucks, Crossover SUV, Military Vehicles, Compact SUV, Mini SUV, Popular Brands, SUV Parts and Accessories.
  • Automotive: Vans – Articles about/concerning Vans, Caravans, Minivans, LCV, Full-Size Vans, Semi-Trailers, Cargo Vans, Wheelchair Accessible, Campervans, Panel Vans, Cutaway Van Chassis, Used Vans and Safety.


  • Book-Reviews: Magazines – Articles about/concerning Magazines, Periodicals, Fashion Magazines, Celebrity Magazines, Online Magazines, Sports Magazines, Popular Publishers and Online Magazines.


  • Business: Interviews – Articles about/concerning Interview Tips, How to Prepare for an Interview, Common Interview Questions, Phone Interviews, Communication Skills, Focus Group Interviews, Body Language and Dress Code.


  • Food-and-Drink: Home-Brewing – Articles about/concerning Home Brewing, Home Brewing Supplies and Kits, Instructions, Recipes, Home Distilling, Carbonation, Brewing Culture, Microbrewery, Brewing Process and History.


  • Health-and-Fitness: Pilates – Articles about/concerning Pilates Exercise, Pilates Health Benefits, Yoga, Joseph Pilates, Pilates Principles, Flexibility, Strength, Concentration and Precautions, Training and Certification.


  • Home-and-Family: Adoption-Foster-Care – Articles about/concerning Adoption, Foster Care Adoption and Services, Adoption Laws, Parenting and Development, Open Adoption, Orphans, Disruption, PAL, HAL and International Adoption.
  • Home-and-Family: Baby-Showers – Articles about/concerning Baby Showers, Baby Shower Decorations and Themes, Diaper Cakes, Party Favors, Invitations, Food, Gifts, Games, Trends and Traditions.
  • Home-and-Family: Card-Games – Articles about/concerning Card Games, Poker, Online Card Games, Popular Card Games, Card Tricks, Rules, Genres, Collectible Card Games, Sports Cards, Solitaire, Spades, Hearts, Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon and Fictional Card Games.
  • Home-and-Family: Step-Parenting – Articles about/concerning Step Parenting Tips and Strategies, Child Development, Family Relationships, Child Safety, Classes, Legal Status, Cinderella Effect and Emotional and Psychological Issues.


  • Legal: Child-Custody – Articles about/concerning Child Custody, Child Support, Guardianship, Family Laws and Court, Joint Custody, Sole Custody and Visitation, Parenting Tips and Advice, Paternity Tests and Parenting Plans.
  • Legal: Family-Law-and-Divorce – Articles about/concerning Family Law and Rights, Legal Separation, Domestic Partnerships, Conflicts of Law, Divorce, Annulment, Lawyers, Property Settlements and Parental Responsibility.
  • Legal: Traffic-Law – Articles about/concerning Traffic Laws, DMV, Traffic Tickets, Lawyers, Suspension, Revocation, SR-22 Forms, Occupational Licenses, Driving Rules, Vehicle Code, Traffic Violations, Safety and Advice.


  • News-and-Society: Anthropology-Sociology – Articles about/concerning Anthropology, Sociology, Study of Humanity, Social Sciences, Anthropologists, Sociologists, Archaeology, Human Evolution, Cultural Anthropology and History.
  • News-and-Society: Eco-Innovations – Articles about/concerning Eco-Innovations, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Development, Environmentally Friendly, Eco-Efficiency, Recycling, Global Warming, Technological Advancements, Green Banking and Ecological Restoration, Energy Saving Tips, Solar Power and Alternative Energy.


  • Recreation-and-Sports:Badminton – Articles about/concerning Badminton, Racquet Sports, Badminton Equipment and Courts, Shuttlecock, Competitions, Tips and Strategy, Speed Badminton, Rules and History.
  • Recreation-and-Sports: Fencing – Articles about/concerning Fencing, Modern Fencing, Combat Sports, Weapons and Clothing, Fencing Schools, Olympic Fencing, Fencing Terms, Historical Fencing, Practice and Techniques.
  • Recreation-and-Sports: Greyhound-Racing – Articles about/concerning Greyhound Racing, Dog Racing, Greyhound Tracks, Trainers, Kennels, Guides to Betting, Greyhound Adoption and History.
  • Recreation-and-Sports: Softball – Articles about/concerning Softball, Pitching, Leagues, Softball Equipment, Uniforms, Gameplay and Positions, Coaching, Training Drills, International Competition, Rules and History.


  • Reference-and-Education: Biology – Articles about/concerning Biology, Human Anatomy, Branches of Biology, Biology Terms and Definition, Biologists, Natural Sciences, Biochemistry, Evolution, DNA, Species, Homeostasis, Ecology, Zoology, Genetics and Research.
  • Reference-and-Education: Continuing-Education – Articles about/concerning Continuing Education, Further Education, Advanced Degrees, Independent Study, College Courses, Training, Online Certificates and Interactive Classes.
  • Reference-and-Education: K-12 – Articles about/concerning K-12, Kindergarten, Grade School, Careers and Courses, Schools and Programs, Elementary, Middle and High Schools, Grammar School, Student Resources, Curriculum Standards, Growth and Development.
  • Reference-and-Education: Mathematics – Articles about/concerning Mathematics, Mathematicians, Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Analysis, Logic, Probability and Statistics, Calculus, Trigonometry, Tips and Techniques.
  • Reference-and-Education: Special-Education – Articles about/concerning Special Education, Practices and Instruction, Learning Disabilities, ADD Assessments, Special Needs, Gifted Education, Autism Treatment, Teachers and Resources.
  • Reference-and-Education: Teaching – Articles about/concerning Teaching, Tutoring, Teaching Jobs, Careers and Salary, Curriculum and Lesson Planning, Instruction Advice, Distance Education, Technology and Training.


  • Relationships: Cross-Cultural – Articles about/concerning Cross-Cultural Relationships, Communication and Analysis, World Cultures, Cultural Bias, Ethnocentrism, Cross-Cultural Studies, Marriages and Cultural Differences.
  • Relationships: Engagements – Articles about/concerning Engagements, Proposing, Engagement Rings, Fiancés, Arranged Marriages, Engagement Parties, Secret Engagements, Invitations and Ideas.
  • Relationships: Long-Distance – Articles about/concerning Long Distance Relationships, Communication, Email, Letters, Enhancement, Living Apart Together, How to Survive a Long Distance Relationship, Success Stories, Statistics, Quotes and Ideas, Tips and Advice.
  • Relationships: Online-Dating – Articles about/concerning Online Dating, Online Dating Services and Websites, Matchmaking, Online Compatibility Tests, Online Chat, Webcasts, Virtual Dating, Social Networking, Free Dating, Profiles and Advice.
  • Relationships: Reconnecting – Articles about/concerning Reconnecting Relationships, Long Lost Love, Relationship Enhancement, Reconnecting With Your Ex, Reconnecting Youth, Strengthening Your Relationship and Intimacy.



  • Womens-Interests: Beauty-Products – Articles about/concerning Beauty Products, Cosmetics, Makeup, Hair Products, Fragrance and Perfume, Creams, Lotion, Lipstick, Ingredients, Cosmetology and Careers.
  • Womens-Interests: Self-Defense – Articles about/concerning Self Defense for Women, Self Defense Tactics and Weapons, Self Defense Classes, Martial Arts, Stun Guns, Pepper Spray, Tasers, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Advice and Preparation.


  • Writing-and-Speaking: Creative-Writing – Articles about/concerning Creative Writing, Creativity, Imagination, Original Composition, Creative Writing Programs and Workshops, Collaborative Writing, Short Stories, Playwriting/Dramatic Writing, Strategies in Creative Writing, Resources and Ideas.
  • Writing-and-Speaking: Screenwriting – Articles about/concerning Screenwriting, Screenplays, Playwriting, Writing in the Entertainment Industry, Script Writing, Television Writing, Formats and Dialogue, Storyboarding, Script Elements and Scene Heading, Character Development, Production, Education and Resources.

Definitely, these new subcategories widens the playing field for niche bloggers and niche marketers. NicheBlogPro encourages you to start writing and be the first ones to populate these new EzineArticles subcategories with laser-targeted articles.

But don’t sacrifice quality for speed. Make sure your articles are well-researched, provide value and error free.

To your success!

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