Blogging Tools to Manage your Niche Blogs

Running blogs in different niches can be very tedious specially if you are managing the blogs by yourself or you have a very small team. Aside from producing content, a big part of blog management requires maintenance of the blogging software, plugins and themes, making sure these are updated to the latest, secure version. Blogging tools will help your manage and update multiple blogs from one convenient location.

WordPress, for example, releases a new version every now and then to patch up security holes and to introduce new features. WordPress plugins and themes are also updated to keep up with the WordPress updates. Imagine having to maintain two or more WordPress blogs and having to keep up with these updates! Definitely we will be needing blogging tools to manage multiple niche blogs.

Also, it would be cumbersome to login to numerous WordPress blogs to post new content and edit posts. There are available blogging tools that will enable you to make new posts on any of your blogs without having to login to these individual WordPress dashboards.

Here are some recommended blogging tools to manage and update your niche blogs:

BlogJet– This blogging tool is a desktop software that connects to your blogs and enable you to write new posts and edit existing posts. What I find very convenient is that you can update any blog without having to login individually. Blogjet also uploads your images via FTP.

Firepow – This service will allow you to manage all your blogs from one central web based dashboard. Firepow will also enable you to automate some of your posting, and has ready made page templates for disclaimers, privacy policy, etc. The Firepow blogging tool also gives you a convenient central location to update your WordPress blogs’ site name, description, permalink structure and update plugins. What I like about Firepow is that it has extra tools like social book marking, RSS submission, content promotion.

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